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New Jersey Birth Certificate Types

  • Certified Birth Certificate – Certified copies of birth certificates that may be used for practically all legal purposes, including proof of citizenship, school enrollment, personal identification, passports, social security, and employment. Certified copies are always printed on State of New Jersey safety paper with the raised seal of the office. Birth certificates are available for all births since 1919. 
  • Birth Certification – This variation is printed on regular paper without the official seal. It is clearly indicated on these copies that they are not to be used for establishing identity or other legal purposes. These are typically used for genealogy purposes.
  • Birth Certificate with Apostille Seal – An Apostille Seal is an additional seal required for certain certified records that will be presented to a foreign government that is a member of the Hague Treaty. These are typical requirements for international adoption or establishing dual citizenship.

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Who can order?

Under New Jersey law, birth certificates of births less than 80 years old are considered “closed records.” Only individuals showing a legitimate and tangible interest may be issued certified copies of birth certificates upon paying the appropriate fees, providing proof of identification, and filling out the application form:

The individual whose name appears on the birth certificate (registrant)

The registrant’s parent, legal guardian or legal representative

The registrant’s spouse/civil union or domestic partner; child, grandchild or sibling, if of legal age

A state or federal agency for official purposes

Pursuant to court order

New Jersey Vital Statistics Agency Information

New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry

The New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry keeps records and issues certificates of vital events. Records are available for: birth, marriage, and death starting 1919, domestic partnerships since 2004, civil union since 2007, adoptions, and stillbirth since 1969.

Notice: It is in Instant Vital Records’ best interest to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on this site, but state agency information and policies may change without notice. Instant Vital Records makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability, or usefulness of any information, nor do we assume the liability of such information.

New Jersey Birth Certificates

New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry issues certified copies of birth certificates, typically acceptable for most legal purposes, including proof of citizenship, school enrollment, personal identification, passports, social security, and employment.

Visit the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry’s official page for more information.

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